Pray with us

Please join us in praying for this project.  One of the first things we need is budget for the wardrobe and special FX. We also need actors and production crew.  With God, all things are possible. Share what your feelings are about this movie. We would love to connect with you.

2 thoughts on “Pray with us”

  1. Kent, It was so great to meet you at this year’s International Christian Film Festival. I love your passion for “A Soldier’s Gift” and look forward to supporting you as you work to get this script onto the big screen! God has big plans for this movie! Joining you in prayer!

  2. Kent,
    To God be the Glory!!!
    I met you at Capt Ds tonight and went straight home to look at your website.
    I will continue prayerfully for your efforts in bringing this wonderful story to the big screen!
    After I looked at your site, I got soo excited! I wanted to see if you may need another woman of color in your cast.
    I sent you an email with a picture and a little background.
    Joining you in prayer.

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